Scheduling Around Partial Day Time Off Requests

The Employee Self Service in TimeWorksPlus allows for an employee to make partial time off requests. If the employee designates specific times on the request (as opposed to requesting "4 hours off"), then they can still be scheduled in TimeSimplicity. However, the schedule needs to be added in one of two ways.
This article explains how to add schedules to days where the employee has requested a partial day off. It applies to users who have integrated TimeWorksPlus and TimeSimplicity and are importing time off requests from TimeWorksPlus.

Creating a New Schedule on a Partial Day Off

This method allows the user to create a unique, new schedule that works with the employees time off request. The request must have a start and end time, it cannot be an hours request.
  1. Right click on the day in the scheduler and select Add New Schedule from the pop-up menu.
  2. A Schedule Edit window will allow you to customize a schedule for this day.

Adjusting an Existing Schedule Template on a Partial Day Off

This method allows you to take an existing schedule template and make a one time adjustment, then add the schedule to the day.
  1. In the Schedule dropdown at the top left of the Scheduler (where all the templates are listed), select the template that applies to the day.
  2. Click the pencil icon to the right of the dropdown.
  3. Make a one time alteration to the template's start and end times.
  4. In the Scheduler, right click the day and choose Apply Template.

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