Is My Client a Candidate for the Intelligent Clock?

At this time, the Intelligent Clock is designed for certain types of accounts. You can contact your Channel Development Manager for more information on which of your clients may be eligible, but the following types of accounts are not eligible for Intelligent Clock at this time:
  • Clients Using Physical Clocks - Currently, Intelligent Clock (IC) features are only being offered in a WebClock version or the TimeWorksTouch clock. If your client uses a hardware clock (Tranz 380, Ethernet clock, etc.) for any or all employees, they are not a candidate for the WMC.
  • Clients Using the Mobile App - Intelligent Clock features have not been developed for TimeWorksMobile yet. If your client has employees or managers that use the app, then they are not a candidate for the Intelligent Clock at this time.
  • Clients using scripts that create in or out times on the time card - While rare, there are instances where scripting is being used to generate a punch on the time card. Advanced users may be able to recognize this as a script that sets the indt or outdt. If you are unsure if this is the case for your client, please see Scripts That May Affect Intelligent Clock.

Account Settings to Check

Your client's account may also have certain site settings that impact, or are impacted by, the IC. These settings are not a barrier to use of the IC, but consideration needs be taken on each of them.
Please note the following:

Do they use Out Punch Completion?

This rule imitates a "transfer" on our legacy clocks. With IC, Out Punch Completion is no longer necessary. Employees will need to be informed that now when they change departments, they should use the Transfer button on the clock. You do not have to turn of Out Punch Completion to use the IC, however, information on removing the rule can be found under Removing Out Punch Completion for Intelligent Clock.

Are they using an Auto Lunch rule?

This only affects client that will be using the Meal buttons on the IC. Auto Lunch automatically deducts a lunch break from an employee's hours. The Start Meal and End Meal buttons on the IC do not prevent this deduction from occurring. If certain employees have an auto lunch deduction, then using the meal buttons will result in multiple deductions from their hours.

You can determine if your client is using Auto Lunch by
  1. clicking Settings Menu
  2. selecting Processing Rules
  3. seeing if AutoLunch is listed in the Active Rules section.

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