Punch Types

The Intelligent Clock offers additional functionality in the way of Punch Types. When using the clock, the employee can identify whether they are starting a break, meal or even transferring to another department. 
  Punch Types are also are used by the Intelligent Clock's PunchLogic to present an employee with logical choices when clocking in or out.

Break and Meal Punches

Enabling either the Break or Meal punch features of the Intelligent Clock will result in additional buttons on the clock.

When these buttons are enabled, PunchLogic will present an employee with the the break and meal buttons that correspond to their current state. These punches will appear on the time card , but with the type 
  • Break Start   
  • Break End
  • Meal Start
  • Meal End
Lunches are considered unpaid time. However, you can use the Track Breaks feature to configure paid breaks. 

When editing a time card, users of the Intelligent Clock will have dropdown options in the In Type and Out Type columns. They will need to select the punch type when editing the time card.


The Intelligent Clock comes with a Transfer key. This allows the employee to mark a transition to a new labor code without clocking out and clocking back in. Some users may have been using the OutPunchCompletion rule to transfer, but the Intelligent Clock now offers a way to do this with a Transfer button. 

NOTE: This button only appears on the IC if the account has a labor code clock prompt setup on the account.

To transfer, an employee must be clocked in, otherwise the Transfer button will be disabled. Also, a clock prompt needs to be setup for changing the labor code.

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