Intelligent Clock

The Intelligent Clock (IC) is a step forward in functionality for Swipeclock users. This new clock enhances our existing WebClock functionality with the following improvements: This article explains enabling and configuring the clock. If you are a Swipeclock partner and are interested in learning more about IC, please read Is My Client a Candidate for Intelligent Clock and contact your Channel Development Manager.

Enabling the Intelligent Clock

If this is your first account using the IC, please see Is My Client a Candidate for the Intelligent Clock?

To enable the Intelligent Clock
  1. Select the client from the Accountant Menu
  2. Choose Settings Menu --> Client Configuration and enable WebClock 3.0
  3. Select the Clock Management tab
  4. In the section titled Intelligent Clock Features, turn on the features by clicking the toggle. There is no need to save changes after you turn it to on. Once the toggle is green, the clock has been enabled.

Clock Management General Options

The Clock Management page not only controls Workforce Management features but features associated with the WebClock as well. Certain settings that were once in the Account Configuration tab, like IP restrictions, are now found in the Clock Management tab.
  • WebClock is ON/OFF determines whether the WebClock can be used for this account. At this time, Intelligent Clock is only available as a WebClock. If you wish to use the IC functionality, this needs to be ON.
  • Restrict punches by IP can be enabled to only allow punches from designated IP addresses.
  • Employee Self-service (ESS) is visible on WebClock gives employees the ability to access their own portal from the WebClock.

Intelligent Clock Features

The following features are only available to users of the Intelligent Clock.
  • PunchLogic, a default feature which accounts for an employee's current status and presents them with WebClock buttons based on that status. For example, if an employee is currently clocked in when they login to the clock, they will only see the option to clock out.
  • Track breaks (optional) adds a Start Break and an End Break button to the clock. These punches will be identified as a Break punch type and can pay breaks as defined in Track Paid Breaks.
  • Track meals (optional) adds a Start Meal and an End Meal button to the clock. These punches will be identified as a Meal punch type and you can enable further functionality in the Clock Management tab under Track Meals.

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