PunchLogic is a feature of Intelligent Clock that recognizes an employee's current clock status when presenting punch options. Clock buttons are disabled based on the last punch to help prevent mistakes, like duplicate punches.

This means that if an employee Clocks In and later forgets to Clock Out, they won’t be able to Clock In unless they declare that they missed their last punch by pressing “Miss your last punch?” Then all clock buttons are enabled, allowing the employee to enter their current punch.

Punch Logic decreases time spent fixing time cards by limiting instances where an employee can make the wrong punch.
PunchLogic also applies to meals, breaks and transfers, (if your client uses those buttons on the Intelligent Clock). For an explanation on how to enable these options, please see Intelligent Clock.
The following table explains which punch options will be presented to an employee based on their clock status.
Clocked OUT Clock IN      
Clocked IN Clock OUT Start Break Start Meal Transfer
On Break End Break      
On Meal End Meal      


What happens if an employee forgets to clock in/out? 

PunchLogic can lessen employee errors on the time card, but not eliminate them. For example, if an employee forgets to clock out at the end of the day, PunchLogic will reset the clock status of an employee to out after 18 hours. That way the employee will be allowed to punch in the next day. However the missing out punch will still need to be corrected on the time card.

PunchLogic for Breaks/Meals

PunchLogic also affects employees that forget to start or end breaks correctly. If an employee fails to use the clock when starting their meal and then logs into the clock at the end of their meal, their choices will not include End Meal. They will see Start Meal instead. 

In this case, the employee will be able to see their recent last punch and what type of punch it was. Then they can choose "Miss your last punch?" to override the PunchLogic and select any of the buttons on the clock.

Will PunchLogic take into account an edit?

Yes, PunchLogic looks at the time card to determine an employee's state. If a manager edits the time card to reflect that an employee is currently on a meal break, then when the employee returns to the clock at the end of their meal, they will be presented with the End Meal button.

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