Clock Status - TWP

Clock Status displays the attributes and status of your client's physical clocks. It also allows you to change some information about a clock. It was previously referred to as Verify Transmit or Clock Management in TimeWorksPlus. While the name has changed, it can still be found in the same places:
  • Accountant Administrative Tools section of the Accountant Menu
  • Client Configuration
  • Settings Menu

What does it show?

  • Client Name - If you select Clock Status from the Accountant Administrative Tools, you will see all your clients clocks.
  • Serial #
  • Name (assigned to the clock)
  • Location Stamp (if used)
  • Last Contact - The date and time of the last contact with our servers. Yellow/Light Green colors mean the clock hasn't transmitted in the last 24 hours. Red means the clock hasn't transmitted in the last 48 hours.
  • Status - Active means you are being billed for the clock.

Viewing and Editing Clock Details

Clicking on the serial number of a clock will take you to a page where you can change some of the attributes of the clock and view additional details.
  • Terminal ID is where you can designate a name for the clock, like "Front Entryway" or "Breakroom".
  • Location Stamp can be used to populate a clock prompt with information. Note, the clock prompt needs to be set up separately.
  • Serial Number Change is used for swapping clocks for a client. This keeps you from being charged an activation fee when a client is replacing, instead of adding, a clock.
  • Deactivate Clock will keep you from being billed for the clock if the client has deactivated their account or is no longer using the clock.

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