PBJ Errors

An error message when importing the "PBJ" Report to CMS indicates an issue with the data.  The error indicates the line item and a description.  This will assist you in finding the employee, and what data was invalid to fix the issue on our side before you export and reimport into the CMS/QIES system.
  • 1001: An employee did not have an Employee Code. 
    • Fix: Go to Employee Setup and add an Employee Code to the indicated employee record.
  • 1005: Employee has multiple punchsets on a single day with the same job and pay type code.
    • Fix: No fix is necessary. CMS is just pointing out a potential error. Our PBJ export reports line by line, it does not summarize data for a single date so CMS wants to make sure there is no duplication. Provided that the client has checked time cards and verified their accuracy, this error will not affect the reporting.
  • 3676: Indicates an invalid Pay Type Code or Job Title Code. 
    • Fix: Add the pay type code to the employee or time card.
  • 3677: Usually indicates that an employee does not have a start date in our system*. 
    • Fix: Add the start date to the indicated employee.
  • 3679: An entry on a date has more than 24 hours and is not valid. 
    • Fix: Add the hours to the correct days on the time card of the employee.
  • 4012: The employee has a time card entry following their termination date*.
    • Fix: Go to Employee Setup for the selected employee and change the Separation Date so that it is later than the last time card entry for the employee. See below for more explanation on this error.
  • 4015: A date in our system has more than 24 hours and is not valid. 
    • Fix: add the hours to the correct days on the time card of the employee.

*Termination Date Errors

NOTE: CMS no longer requires hire and termination dates in the reporting. If you use the new Payroll Based Journal report in the Reports Menu, you should no longer receive this error.

Termination date errors can occur in instances where the Separation Date is the same as the last day worked if the employee worked past midnight.

The reason for this is that PBJ uses a strict midnight-to-midnight definition of a day. For that reason, any hours worked that span midnight will be split and reported on separate days. So if an employee is terminated on the 5th and works until 4am on the 6th, CMS will view this as hours worked after the termination date.

To fix this, you will need to adjust the Separation Date in Employee Setup to be a day later.

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