TimeSimplicity Single Sign-On Errors

Integrated users of TimeSimplicity may get this error when attempting to access scheduling through TimeWorkPlus.

{"type"|"sso","status"|"failed","data"|{"result"|"Unable to find emp_master for given employee_id"}}

This is related to a database error between the TimeWorksPlus and TimeSimplicity systems. This will likely need to be resolved by technical support, but before you submit a case, please note the following and include them in your case.
  1. Is the user an employee accessing TimeSimplicity through the Employee Self Service or a supervisor/manager accessing TimeSimplicity through TimeWorksPlus?
  2. The name of the user as well as their TimeWorksPlus Employee Code or TimeWorksPlus Supervisor/Client login (whichever applies)
  3. The site number of the account. The site number can be found in your client list under the column Site Code.
  4. Does the user have any schedules in TimeSimplicity?
With this information, we should be able to troubleshoot the problem and provide a resolution.


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