PBJ Report Setup

This article addresses how to setup the Payroll-Based Journal rule. The Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) rule exports time card data necessary for clients required to report staffing information to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). In order to use this feature, you will need to enable the rule, which is found in the Processing Rules page under the File Format category.

Please see PBJ FAQ if you have additional questions on the use of the PBJ Report.

Requirements for the Rule

  • Country and State designated in the Basic Info tab of Client Configuration
  • Facility ID which is designated by the HHS's Quality Improvement and Evaluation System (QIES)
  • An Employee Setup field or clock prompt that contains the appropriate Job Title Codes*
  • An Employee Setup field or clock prompt that contains the appropriate Pay Type Codes* if submitting version 2 of the report.
*Job Title and Pay Type Codes are provided by the QIES.

Setting Up the Rule

  1. From TimeWorksPlus, navigate to Settings Menu / Processing Rules / File Format / Payroll-Based Journal
  2. Select the Version of the report. The QIES will accept only Version 1 prior to July 2nd, 2016. After July 1, 2016 Version 2 will be accepted.
  3. Enter the Facility ID. This is a number designated for each individual facility by the QIES.
  4. Designate the source of the Job Title Code. These could be fields in Employee Setup, like Title, Department, etc, or a clock prompt that you have setup for collecting Job Title codes through entry at the clock or an edit to the time card. Scripting may be required depending on your client's needs.
  5. Designate the source of the Pay Type Code (v. 2 only). These could be fields in Employee Setup, like Home1 or Employee Type.
  6. Save the rule

Running the Report

Once the rule is setup and saved, the client can create the report using the Payroll-Based Journal link under the Reports Menu. This is a new method of creating the report as of July 2017. Please use the link for information on how to run the report. The instructions below are still valid, but not the best method for creating the report. 

Running the PBJ Report with the Download Activity File Method

  1. Navigate to Reports Menu / Download Activity Files
  2. Enter the date range for the export in the Pay Period section
  3. Apply any filtering in the Employees to include section. The default will be All employees, including inactive, which will include employees that worked during the date range but are currently terminated.
  4. Type PBJ in the File Format field*
  5. Click Submit
An XML file designed for this report will be downloaded to the client's computer.

Merge Format
The pbjmerge format can be used to perform a merge with existing data in CMS.

Excel Format 
For a user-friendly version of the report that can be opened in Excel, type pbjexcel.

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