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Time Off Request Integration in TimeSimplicity

Last Updated: Mar 15, 2017 12:41PM MDT
Time off requests submitted through the TimeWorksPlus Employee Self Service portal (ESS) can be passed to TimeSimplicity through the integration. This is done through the Import Time Off Requests portion of the integration. Imported time off requests appear on the schedule as "TIME OFF" and include the category of leave.

Import Frequency

The integration between TimeWorksPlus and TimeSimplicity is set to run on a schedule. This means that an approved request will not show up in TimeSimplicity until the integration runs.

You can manually run the time off import in TimeSimplicity by going to the TimeWorks Plus Integrationmenu. Select Run Integrations and choose the Import Time Off Requests tab.

Time Off Requests can be manually imported at anytime to
a user with access to the TimeWorksPlus Integration menu

Time Off in TWP doesn't Appear in TS

If you do not see that any paid time off has been imported through the integration, verify that the paid leave has been added to the time card through an employee submitted time off request. If a TimeWorksPlus manager has edited the time card and added added the paid leave, it will not export to TimeSimplicity as time off.

Time Off / Schedule Shift Conflicts

When an approved TOR conflicts with
a shift, these actions can be triggered
If a time off request is approved for a day on which the employee has already been scheduled, there are three options for resolving the conflict. These options are set in TimeSimplicity. The following options are available in TimeWorks Plus Integration > Integration Setup > Rules tab.

Time Off and Schedule Conflict Rules
  • Create notification message will add the time off to the schedule in addition to the shift and send a notification that there is a conflict.
  • Move scheduled shift to open will place the time off request on the schedule and move the shift to Open.
  • Delete Scheduled Shift will remove the shift from the schedule entirely. It will not move to an open shift.
When Move scheduled shift to open is selected, that shift will be eligible to be picked up by an employee once the schedule is published. If the schedule is already published, then a notification will go out to all eligible employees notifying them a shift is available.

Shift is Deleted Even Though "Move to Open" is Selected

If Move scheduled shift to open is selected, but conflicts result in the shift being deleted you may need to re-save the rule. Return to the TimeWorks Plus Integration / Integration Setup / Rules page and change the option for conflicts to something else and save the change. Then return to the page and change the option back to Move scheduled shift to open and re-save.
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