Missing Punches on Tranz380

If your analog clock
  • doesn't appear to be transmitting all of the punches
  • time cards tend to have excessive missing punches on some days
  • for no apparent reason, the punches might appear a few days later
then it may be related to the memory bank being switched on the clock.

How to Tell if Your Clock Changed Memory Banks

The easiest way to know if punches are still sitting in a non-active memory bank of the clock is to
  1. Press 9 to transmit punches from the currently active memory bank and wait until it says FINISHED and returns to the Date and Time screen.
  2. Press FUNC/ENTER twice on the clock to change to the 2nd memory bank
  3. Press 9 again to transmit the remaining punches
If the clock transmits punches on step 3, then likely the missing punches were stored on the non-active memory bank.

Why does this happen?

Most of our analog clocks now come with the the "T380X2" firmware. The "X2" signifies that this clock has access to two separate areas for memory where punches can be saved.

Switching the different memory can be done by pressing the FUNC/ENTER twice. An employee might mistakenly do this when clocking in or out. If this is done the clock will only transmit punches from the memory it can access. Leaving the punches in the other area of memory still on the clock until someone presses the FUNC/ENTER twice again.

How can I keep this from happening?

There is no way to turn off the dual memory feature of this clock. You can create a message that says "HIT ENTER TWICE" rather than the date and time so that we can always push it back to the first memory bank.
  1. Hit FUNC and then 7.
  2. The password is: 1 ALPHA ALPHA 66831 then ENTER.
  3. Should say Recall What? You will then type 30 then ENTER.
  4. Screen should read "0030"
  5. Then hit backspace and enter the password: 1 ALPHA ALPHA 66831 then ENTER. 
  6. It will then show "0030="EMPTY
  7. This is where you will start to key in the letters "HIT ENTER TWICE". You will want to hit the number that contains the appropriate letter and then ALPHA to cycle through the letters until you get to the right one. To do a space you would hit the '0' key and then ALPHA twice. So to do the first word you would do:


  1. Once "HIT ENTER TWICE" has been keyed in press enter and then clear and you should be back to the time and date screen.
In some cases you may encounter a "Programming Error 0" message when doing this procedure. If so you can hold down (1) and (Function/Enter) simultaneously until the clock returns to the time/date screen. This clears the memory of the clock and returns it to its factory setup. All programming will be erased. Once this is done you can attempt to do the above programming again.

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