Manager Dashboard

Manager Dashboard
The “Manager Dashboard” provides the manager with visual indicators that identify pending items that require the manager’s attention.

The “Manager Dashboard” is typically the first screen a manger will see after logging in. If not, then change the role from employee to manager by clicking on the “Role” and selecting the “Manager” radio button.

The “Manager Dashboard” has daily status records that show how many open and assigned shifts there are for that day. Both the open and assigned shifts are links to the daily status records. 

1. Click on the “Opened Shifts” link to view basic details such as the start and stop time of the shift.

2. Select an “Open shift” row.

3. Click the “Go To Scheduler” button to go directly to the “Scheduler” page with the Workgroup and workweek already selected for you, so that you can easily edit or find who can work the selected shift.

The “Assigned Shifts” can also be accessed the same way. Simply click on the “Assigned Shifts” link, select a row, and click the “Go To Scheduler” button to go directly to the “Scheduler” page.

From the dashboards screen you will also be presented with other menu items based upon your defined manager role in the system.  The following menu options displayed may appear on the dashboard view below and vary for each user.

  • Schedule Change Request –These are requests from employees who are offering to pick up schedule(s) that co-workers have placed on the trade board from a dropped shift or request to pick up open shifts that were never assigned to an employee.  Once there is an offer to pick up either of these types of shifts it will appear here for the manager to review and either approve or decline.
  • Preference Change Request – If an employee has submitted a preference change request.  It will be displayed here with their existing preference for the manager to review.
  • Review Invalid Schedules – Displays those employees that have been terminated and have schedules assigned to them past their termination date.  This option allows a manager to take action on those schedules by either moving them all to open shifts for reassignment or by deleting them. 



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