Workgroup Schedule Template

Workgroup Schedule Template
The “Workgroup Schedule Template” will allow you to create pre-defined shifts for specific “Workgroups.”  The templates can then be accessed on the “Scheduler” and applied to employees within the selected “Workgroup.” To access this feature follow the steps below.
Step 1. Hover your cursor over “Employee” and select the “Workgroup” option. Then click on the “Workgroup” name you would like to add a template to (see illustration 1.1).

(Illustration 1.1 Workgroup main page)
 Step 2. Select the “Schedule Templates” tab (see illustration 1.2).

(Illustration 1.2 Workgroup Setup page)
Step 3. Select “Add” to create the template (see illustration 1.3).

       (Illustration 1.3 Schedule Templates page)

Step 4. Enter the name of the shift in the “Code” field, such as Shift A (see illustration 1.4).
Step 5. By default the “Enabled” checkbox is marked as active. However, you can un-check this box at anytime, which will keep the template saved, but not active in the system. This will allow you to re-activate the template at a later time if needed.
Step 6. Select the org levels (this example displays Position and Status) from the dropdown menus. To learn about setting up org levels, see the “Organization Level” how-to.
Step 7. Enter the “Start” and “Stop” time for the shift.
Step 8. If the “Lunch Start” time field is enabled, you will see the start time for the lunch break displayed, which you can change the start time for this template. This feature can be set up in the “Company” menu. See the “Company” how-to for more details.
Step 9. Enter the “Lunch Duration” minutes for the shift if desired otherwise leave it to zero.
Step 10. By default the “Calculate Hours” checkbox is already checked, which will automatically calculate the shift length once this template is saved. This is the recommended option. You can un-check the box and manually enter hours. However, whatever hours are entered whether correct or not, will be the hours represented on the Scheduler.
Step 11.  By default the color of the shift text displays in black. However, you have the option to change the color of the shift text. To do so move the circle icon around the outer circle wheel, which will change the color inside the box. Click on the circle inside the box and move it around to change the shade of the color.
The color that you’re seeing in the wheel is displayed in the “Color” box up above. You may also enter a hex color code for a specific color in this field. Once you have made your selection click “Ok.” Of course, you can always navigate back to this page to change the color if needed.
Step 12. Once all your selections are made click “Save.”

          (Illustration 1.4 Schedule Template)

The “Schedule Templates” can be accessed on the “Scheduler” page. The template can be applied in a couple of ways (see illustration 1.5).
1. Click on the schedule icon under the employees name to highlight the entire row for the selected employee.  Notice this will select all the days of the week and may cause overtime or scheduling over an employees max hours.
2. Or click on individual days to apply the shift to, which helps you to avoid overtime or going over the employees max hours.
3. To apply the template to the selected shifts. Click on the “Schedule” dropdown and select a shift.
4. Click on the arrow to the right of the “Schedule” field to apply the template.

(Illustration 1.5 Scheduler page)


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