How-To: Who Can Work This?

Who Can Work This?
“Who Can Work This” is a feature that is used to quickly identify which employees are able to work the shift you are trying to fill and will provide you with a candidate list to select from.
The list can be customized to establish the order by which the employees are listed, by default employees that are furthest away from overtime and prefer to work those days / hours are at the top while employees that may go into overtime or don’t like working those days are at the bottom.
Once you identify the qualifying candidate(s) you can send an email, text message, or call the employee to see if they can fill that shift.
The “Who Can Work This” feature is located on the “Scheduler” page. Follow the steps below.

1. Click on a schedule from the “Open Shift” at the top of the scheduler page.

2. Then right click and select “Who Can Work This?”  You can also access this menu by clicking on the blue circle with a question mark, or clicking on “Edit” at the top of the page.

3.  The “Candidates” page provides a list of potential employees who can work this shift. Starting with the most eligible employee listed first and the least eligible at the bottom.  Note: The list may be blank if there are no employees available to work the selected shift.
4. The “Order By” field is used to change the criteria (Created through the “Candidate Ordering” feature) for how employees will be populated on this page.   
5. Through “Show Only,” you can choose to display employees from the Home and Secondary Workgroups, or the Home Workgroup only.
6. In the “Zip Code Distance” field you can filter candidates by the how far away they are from the work location.  Note: The zip code field must be populated on the Employee Demographic page, and the Workgroup in order for this feature to work.
7. Choose a candidate by selecting the checkbox to the left of the employees name, or select all by selecting the first checkbox.  
You will see that Austin Accruals displays in red, and in the “Comments” column it reads, Can’t work this time.  What this means is Austin has a “Schedule Preference” that he “Can Not Work” on Tuesday’s because he is in school. Therefore, his name is listed at the bottom of the list, as he is the least eligible candidate. However, his manager could still schedule him to work.
8. Choose to Email, Text, or Assign the schedule shift to the selected candidate(s).  If “Assign” is chosen the shift will be assigned to the selected candidate.  If “Email,” “Text,” or both are chosen, then the notification will be sent to the selected candidate(s).  Once an employee(s) accepts to work the selected shift, the manager will then need to approve which employee to assign the shift to.



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