Integrating Supervisors / Managers to TimeSimplicity

Any logins associated with supervisors or client level users in TimeWorksPlus are brought over to TimeSimplicity via the integration between the two systems. This is done in the same process that brings over all employee information. By integrating these logins, clients and supervisors can access TimeSimplicity through the Scheduling link in TimeWorksPlus.

It is important to note that when a supervisor or client is created in TimeSimplicity through the integration, TimeSimplicity does not automatically define their role as a manager, it simply brings over the profile as an employee. Then, through TimeSimplicity, a user will need to define their role to the appropriate rules using the Manager Rules tab, which is found in the employee record Rule Tab.

Any client or supervisor that is imported from TimeWorksPlus will have "-SUPER" appended to their last name to help identify them.

Scheduling Supervisors

If a supervisor needs to be scheduled in TimeSimplicity, they will also need to be setup as an employee in TimeWorksPlus. You should use the employee profile for scheduling, not the supervisor. 

By default, when supervisors and clients are integrated into TimeSimplicity, the Scheduled option in the Rules Tab is unchecked. This means they will not show up in the scheduler at all. You can enable this manually, but it will be cleared out again the next time the integration runs.

Why Can't I Schedule the Supervisor?
You can, but you have to schedule the TWP employee TimeSimplicity, not the TWP supervisor. 

employee in TimeWorksPlus has a time card, yet supervisors and client level users in TimeWorksPlus do not have a time card. This is why you should not schedule anyone with "-SUPER" following their name. When you do this and the integration runs, it looks for a time card matching the supervisor, and when it can't find one, it errors.

Assigning Workgroup

You do not need to add a supervisor/client to a Workgroup in order for them to schedule the said Workgroup in TimeSimplicity. Instead, you want to go to the Manager Rules tab for the "-SUPER" user and designate which employees they schedule through the Manage/Schedule Workgroups: option.

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