How-To: Pin an Employee's Schedule

How To: Pin an Employee’s Schedule
The pinned functionality allows you to pin specific standard shifts to an employee.  When copying a schedule from one week to the other, any schedule that is pinned to an employee will be copied over to that employee.  All schedules that were not pinned will become an “Open Shift” and need to be reassigned.
 1. To access this feature click on the “Scheduler” at the top of the page and select “Scheduler” from the drop down options.

2. On the “Scheduler” page select the “Options” button, which gives you the ability to customize your view of the scheduler page and enable different features. 

3. On the Schedule Options window Check “Yes” to the “Pinned Schedules Functionality” Option. This will enable the pinning feature.
4. Click “Save.”

On the “Scheduler” page the Pin and Un-Pin icons will now be displayed at the top of the page. 

5. To Pin an employee’s schedule click on a single shift or multiple shifts, in this example three shifts have been selected to be pinned. Then click on the blue Pin icon.

The shifts have now been pinned for the selected employee.

6. The next step is to copy the whole schedule by clicking on the Select All () icon, which will highlight all the shifts in blue. Note: This can be a Published or Non-Published schedule.
7. Then right click on the highlighted shifts and select “Copy.”

8.  Move to the next workweek, which is not published, by clicking on the calendar field or use the forward and backward arrows on the side.

9.  Right click on one of the shift cells and select paste to insert the copied shifts.

The pinned shifts carried over to the selected employee. The rest of the shifts have been placed in the “Open Shift” or trade board.
You will notice a folder () icon in the bottom left of the shift cell. This indicates there are multiple shifts, which will allow you to drag the “Open Shifts” to where you need them to be. Or you can right click on the “Open Shift” and use “Who Can Work This” to assign schedules.

1. To remove a pin from an employees schedule simply click on the shift or shifts, then click on the un-pin icon at the top of the page.



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