How-To: Hours of Operation

Hours of Operation

This feature allows you to enter the hours of operation of your business, and the time frame in which managers may schedule employees to work. A standard default code is available, which allows you to schedule employees any time, night or day. However, you have the option to make changes to this “Code,” as well as add additional codes. An example of why you would want to add an additional code would be if operational hours were extended during the holiday season.

To access this feature, go to the “Company Rules” menu located at the top of the advanced scheduling page, and select the “Hours of Operation” option.

1. To add a new “Code,” click on the “Add” button (see illustration 1.1).

2. A window will display prompting you to enter the name of the “Code.” Enter the “Code” and “Save.”

3. In the “Description” field enter a detailed description of the “Code” (see illustration 1.2).

4. Check the “Default” checkbox if this is the code you want as the default. Meaning, if an employee is not set to a specific “Hours of Operation Code,” the system will use the default. Note: Only one code may be set up as a default.

5. Click “Add” to enter the “Hours of Operation” for each day of the week (see illustration 1.2).

(Illustration 1.2 Hours of Operation page)

6. Enter the “Description” for the hours of operation range. (See illustration 1.3)

7. Enter the effective dates, or use the default effective dates. Note: If setting up more than one “Hours of Operation” codes, the effective dates CANNOT overlap.

8. By default all the checkboxes for the days of the week are selected, however you have the option to un-check any of the days selected.

9. Enter the open and close grace periods, if any, and the open and close times.

10. Once all your selections are entered click “Save.”

(Illustration 1.3 Hours of Operation Range)


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