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Employee Ordering - Schedule Options II

Last Updated: Mar 03, 2017 07:13PM MST
The “Schedule Options II” tab allows you to define the order of how the employees will display on the “Scheduler” screen. To access this page click on the “Company Rules” drop down menu at the top of the advanced scheduling screen. Then select “Company,” and click on the “Schedule Options II” tab.

(Illustration 1.5 Schedule Options II tab)
  1. Click the “Add” button to create a new “Code” (See illustration 1.5). The ”Code” can also be changed with the “Edit” button, or deleted from the system with the “Remove” button.
    Multiple ordering codes can be created. This way a manager can switch the ordering by selecting a different code. That is done through the “Options” button on the “Scheduler” screen. Users then have options to select the code that will display the employees in the order they want.
  2. When you click “Add,” a window will pop up. Enter a short “Code” name or a longer name of up to thirty characters (see illustration 1.6).
  3. In the “Description” field give a detailed description of the code name. In the example below the “Order By Fields” selections are entered for the description.
  4. Check the “Enabled” box to activate this “Code.” If the box is un-checked, the “Code” will not be removed, but will simply be inactive.
  5. The “Default” checkbox is automatically checked when adding a new “Code.” However, if adding multiple codes you will need to set one of the codes as the default code, while the others will be selectable on the “Scheduler” screen.
  6. To remove or add fields in the “Order By Fields” and “Available Fields” section, click on a field name and use the arrows located between the two sections to move a field from one section to the other.
  7. Use the up/down arrows to order the fields in the “Oder By Fields” section.
  8. The “Save” button will save the selections made, or use the “Cancel” button to delete entries.

(Illustration 1.6 Edit Schedule Order)

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