How-To: Company Rules

Company Rules

The Company tab contains standard information used to define the company’s time zone, date and time format, etc. To access this page click on the “Company Rules” drop down menu at the top of the advanced scheduling screen. Then select “Company.” The first you will see is titled “Company.”

1. Enter or update the company Name, Address, and City fields as needed.

2. Select the type of preference options, which will be available to the employee when they choose the times or days they may or may not be scheduled to work.

3. Select the “Default Time Zone” which is used in setting up the daily alert notifications from the employee record. Employees may also be set up with different time zones from the company default.

4. From the drop down menus decide how the date and time should be displayed within the system.

5. Colors for the “Schedule Bar" can be changed for both the background and foreground. Schedule bars can be set up from the Workgroup and will display on the “Scheduler” screen.

Color Wheel – Click on the small box next to the background/foreground to access the color wheel. Move the circle icon around the outer circle wheel, which will change the color inside the box. Click on the circle inside the box and move it around for more color options. The color that you’re seeing in the wheel is displayed in the “Color” box down below. Once you have made your selection click “Ok” (See illustration 1.2).

(Illustration 1.2 Color Wheel)


6. If importing time off requests, use “Imported Time off Colors” to define the color that they will be displayed on the scheduler screen. An example would be setting the color to a bold red so that it would stand out on the schedule screen.

7. Load a company logo through the “Select Logo” button and browse to where the file image resides then load it in here. Note: The logo will only be displayed on this screen.

​(Illustration 1.1 Company screen)

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