TWP - Employee Specific Overtime Rules (OTThresholdGlue Processing Rule)

The OTThresholdGlue Processing Rule can be used to define employee specific overtime thresholds that override the account's overtime rule settings. Using this rule is a two step process.
  1. This rule is found on the Processing Rules page under the Overtime category. Locate OTThresholdGlue on the list of overtime rules and click the link. There are no options to set on this rule, simply click Save and the rule will be enabled.
  2. Go to Employee Setup and designate the thresholds per employee.

Setting Thresholds in the OTThreshold Field

After you have enabled the OTThresholdGlue rule, each employee will have a field in the Identity section of employee setup where you can define their individual overtime thresholds. You can define the thresholds in the following manner.
  • nonotday - Daily Overtime. Use nonotday=X where X is the amount of daily hours at which an employee starts earning overtime.
  • nondtday - Daily Doubletime. Use nondtday=X where X is the amount of daily hours at which an employee starts earning doubletime.
  • nonotweek - Weekly Overtime. Use nonotweek=X where X is the amount of weekly hours at which an employee earns overtime. 
  • nondtweek - Weekly Doubletime. Use nondtweek=X where X is the amount of weekly hours at which an employee earns doubletime.
Example - Give Select Employees a Daily Overtime Rule:
If a client has a straight OT40 rule for most of their employees, but also a daily overtime for select employees, you could enter the following in the OTThreshold field:


and the timecard would calculate overtime after 8 hours each day.

Example - Change Multiple Thresholds:
If the employee's from our previous example also had a different weekly threshold from the OT40 overtime rule, you can list multiple thresholds with a comma (,).


This entry would give the employees overtime after 42 hours for the work week in addition to adjusting the daily overtime.

Example - Overtime Exempt Employee Thresholds:
You can also make employees overtime exempt by adding unrealistic daily/weekly values like we have in the below example.


These examples would require employees to reach 2000 hours daily/weekly before receiving overtime and effectively make overtime impossible.

Example - Change Thresholds for Multiple Employees at Once
If there is a group of employees that need changes to their thresholds and you would prefer not to change each employee one by one, you can use the Work with Selected option in Employee Setup Options to change multiple employees at once. Simply select the employees with the check boxes at the left of the Employee Setup page or, use the Employee Selector filter to narrow your list according to Department, Location, etc. and use the checkbox in the column header to select all filtered employees. Then choose Work With Selected.

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