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Biometrics Maintenance - TWP

The Biometrics Maintenance page found by going to Maintenance Menu > Biometric Maintenance. It is designed for accounts that are using fingerprint or hand geometry clocks. It allows one to manage and/or view:
  • Enrolled prints - View currently enrolled prints and their corresponding employees from Employee Setup
  • Enrolled prints with no matching employees - This will list prints that have been enrolled at the clock, but do not match an employee from Employee Setup. This could be due to a) a new hire being enrolled before they are entered into Timekeeping or b) an employee enrolled with the wrong PIN number
  • Enrolled prints for separated employees - If an employee is terminated in Employee Setup, there name and PIN will appear in this list. Then, when the clock does a full download, it will exclude these employee from the download. 
  • Past prints that may have been deleted
  • Employees that are currently not enrolled - These are employees that are in Employee Setup, but do not have a print enrolled in the system.
Using the 'Sort Order:' drop down box you can sort this list by 'Lastname,Firstname', 'Firstname,Lastname', or 'PIN/Card' and the date and time of enrollment.

Note: Biometrics Maintenance is only available to Client level users or higher. Supervisors do not have access to this functionality.

Print Deletions

Clicking on the number links on this page under the 'PIN/Card#' column, you can delete prints from the clock and/or server.
  • Change to an explicit "Deleted" entry. This overwrites the original with a new entry that announces the template should be deleted. When clocks receive the entry, they will delete the original record from memory. Prints flagged with this are deleted off of all clocks during a transmit and prevents them from being re-downloaded.
  • Delete record from server database. This option technically does not delete the print from the clock. This removes the entry from this list. The fingerprint record will no longer be sent to clocks, but no deletion message will be sent either. Clocks may retain the old fingerprint template until a full database re-download is performed. 

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