Multi Time Card Editor - TWP

For clients that seek a way to quickly edit punches for multiple employees on a single day, they can use the "Multi-Time Card Editor".
This TimeWorksPlus feature lets a user tab through many of the fields on the time card and make multiple edits without having to save each individual edit. This feature also allows them to make bulk edits/changes to multiple employees at one time.

Split Punches Cannot Be Used With the Multi-Time Card Editor

IMPORTANT: If your client is using a script that splits times for any reason, they will not be able to edit the time card with this feature. It will need to be done through the employee's time card or on the single day time card view.

If the account is using a script to split times, like is being done here, then your client cannot use the Multi-Time Card Editor.
They must use the Single Day or Pay Period views to edit punches.

Using the Multi-Time Card Editor

To learn more about how the Mult-Time Card Editor is used, please watch this video.

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