Clock Error "PIN is Too Short"

This error may be a result of the Manual Clock settings not allowing PINs of a certain format. For instance, if it is set to Allow SSN Number, then the clock will be looking for a 9 digit number and a 9 digit number only.

In TimeWorksPlus, the Physical (manual) clock options is found in the Accountant Menu > Client Configuration > Account Configuration  tab. Change the Keypad entry restriction to the desired setting.

In TimeWorks, you can go to the Accountant Menu > Miscellaneous Settings > "ManualClock" you will probably see that it is set to "Allow SSN Only" if this is changed they should be able to use the PIN codes they want per the setting they can choose in the drop down menu (ie. "Allow SSN Only", "Never Allowed", "Allowed except for 8-digit numbers", or "Any number up to 9 digits allowed".

If this issue still persists after it has been changed to a setting that should work with the PINs they are using it could be that the clock has not had time to update with the new ManualClock setting. Please allow for at least 10 minutes for the change to take effect. If it still persists press 9 on the clock to force a manual transmit and once it completes successfully try it again.

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