Z18 Product Overview

The Z18 has a built-in proximity card reader and it is designed to be wall-mounted, with all cables buried in the wall behind the clock.

It has numerous wired inputs that can drive additional features not normally present in the rest of our time clocks such as:
  • The Z18 can ring an external bell on a schedule. (This would be a good fit for a client that already has a bell system in place.)
  • The Z18 can connect to an external prox card reader via its industry-standard Wiegand input, making it compatible with virtually any existing access control system.
We sometimes refer to the our generic 26 bit proximity cards as "Mango" cards. These are the cards read by the Z18 and Z11 with built-in prox card readers. The word "MANGO" along with a circular mango logo may be indented into the card. Mango may very well be the name of the manufacturer, and they probably make several types of cards. 

The card number we read is the 10-digit number, with the leading zeroes stripped. So as an example if the 10 digit number is 0000889484 you would leave out the '0000' and just use the 889484.

The second number (two numbers separated by a comma) is just an alternate representation of the same number. This separates the card number into two numbers (facility plus card number) if it were to be used with Generic 26-bit Wiegand.

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