Add / Edit Client Info

The "Add/Edit Clients Info" feature is used to set the:
  • Client Status (Active / Inactive)
  • Client Contact name and phone number
  • Client Time Zone
  • Client Tag (TimeWorksPlus only)
In TimeWorks, this area is found by going to the Accountant Menu > Add/Edit Clients Info, which is under the Client Setup Tools section. 

In TimeWorksPlus, this area is found in the Accountant Menu > Client Configuration. Select the Basic Info tab.

Account Status

In the field labeled "Account Status:" the drop down allows you three options Active, Inactive, Inactive and Hidden.
  • Active: The default once the client is activated on a Resellers account.
  • Inactive: This will disable the account so you will not incur charges but it will still show on the Reseller's "Client list".
  • Inactive and Hidden: This will disable the account so you will not incur charges and will also hide the clients name off of his "Client List".
Note: If the Reseller needs to see the client name in his "Client List" once it has been hidden, at the top of the "Client List" on the right there is a drop down menu called "Hidden /Deleted Clients" which will allow them the option of Not Shown or Shown.

30 Day Demo

==Note: If the account is a 30 day demo account which has expired and the Reseller wishes to have it removed or deleted they will need to contact Support to have it done. Once a demo account has expired the Reseller is locked out and cannot edit the account in any way but through submitting a support ticket and having Support change the status of the client for them.

Changing Client Account Name

You cannot use this page to change the name on the client's account. If you need to change the name, please submit a ticket to support with the client's current name, their site number and the desired client name.

Client Tag in TimeWorks

To change the Client Tag in TimeWorks, navigate to Accountant Menu (Settings for currently selected client) > Change Pay Period / OT Rules and locate the Client Tag box near the bottom of the page.

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