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The MinuteRounding Feature tracks and configures all times to show in hours and minutes instead of decimal hours. This also drops the seconds from clock punches.

As an example using this feature would change 5 hours 15 minutes to 5:15 in the place of the default decimal 5.25 hours.

The 'UseMinuteRounding' is found by going to > Accountant Menu > Miscellaneous Settings > UseMinuteRounding

*NOTE: Making and saving any changes on the Miscellaneous Settings page requires you to then have to go to 'Accountant List' in the side bar and select the clients name again or go to the Finder Tool and enter the clients name in and select the link again for the changes to display. The changes will save but the system needs you to follow this procedure to refresh the site and have it display the correct data.

Editing Time Cards with Minute Rounding

If you are using 'UseMinuteRounding' feature to make sure that the times are not shown in decimal form but as actual hour minute times, the system expects that entries made on the time card, through an edit, will use the ":" to list the minutes. You cannot use a ".". For instance, if you enter in a time like 8.25 (8 hours 25 minutes) it changes it to the decimal or 8:15.

If you use a '.' for example 8.25 it will treat it as a decimal number (8 hours and .25% of an hour) and will try to convert it to actual time (hours and minutes) or 8 hours and 15 minutes.

To enter actual times please use a colon ':' for example 8:25. This will let the system know that you mean actual time not a decimal of time.


At this time the only reports that will display hours and minutes are the ones below:

1. Detail Report
2. Labor Code Reporting
3. Summary Report


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