Running Two Different Pay Periods in One Account

SwipeClock does not have the ability to run two different pay periods in the same account, however, under circumstances, you may be able to work around this if the following conditions are true.
  • The pay periods are weekly and bi-weekly.
  • The work weeks for overtime purposes are the same, i.e. both pay periods are Monday through Sunday.
If one of those conditions are false, you will need to setup a separate account for employees in the second pay period. If both conditions are true, then these instructions will provide a method by which one pay period is defined for the account, but your client can easily filter employees and run a payroll export for each pay period.
  1. Set their pay periods to weekly based and set your overtime calculation period (ie. Sun-Monday).
  2. In the example of two groups of employee's that run different pay periods we will use 2 groups "Period 1" and one "Period 2" as example names. "Period 1" has a weekly pay period. The "Period 2" group has Bi-Weekly pay period. This information can be put in an available home field of Employee Setup. In TimeWorks, this is limited to only the Department, Location and Supervisor fields.
  3. When running the Download Activity File for the Weekly employees, in the "Select A Pay Period" section, the client can choose a pay period and then, they need to be sure to use the filtering option to only select the Period 1 employees for weekly.
  4. For the bi-weekly employees, the client would need to choose a custom date range in the "Select a Pay Period" section that corresponds to the pay period, then filter employees based on Period 2.

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