Troubleshooting File Format Import to Payroll

If you are having problems importing the timekeeping data into payroll, there are a few things you will want to start with when troubleshooting.
  1. Some payroll software require a 'Client Tag'. This can be entered by following this article from our Knowledge Base Adding/Edit a Client Tag for TimeWorks and Add / Edit Client Info for TimeWorksPlus.
  2. Sometimes your payroll software may need pay/job categories translated into other codes (alpha or numeric) especially for categories out of the norm like Tips, or Mileage. This can be done through the Pay Code Translation page. Choose the appropriate link for either TimeWorksPlus or TimeWorks for further instruction. Pay Code Translation - TWP   or Pay Code Translation - TW
  3. Some payroll software require our file format to have a special file extension (.exe, .bmp, .jpg, .doc, .csv, .txt, etc.). By default our export creates a file without a file extension so you may have to consult your payroll software provider to find out the appropriate extension and how to change it.

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