Troubleshooting Unreadable or Misidentified Prints

If the reader mis-identifies or cannot read an employee's print, this is usually caused by a poor quality fingerprint enrollment. 

This situation can be caused if the fingerprint sensor was only able to capture only a small amount of “landmark” detail that might be similar to the details another employee’s finger. These results can be improved by DELETING the mismatched or unreadable employee’s fingerprint from the system and then enrolling again. It’s important to re-enroll not just the person whose finger is being misread, but the other person who is receiving the incorrect records as well. That is, if employee A gets misread as employee B, it’s important to re-enroll employee B more so than employee A.

There are two other things you can do:
  1. Have the employee enter their ID number before touching the fingerprint reader. This switches the reader into a "verification" mode, as opposed to "identification", which will result in one of only two things: accepting the fingerprint as matching the entered ID, or rejecting it.
  2. For unreadable prints or fingers that just will not work obviously the PrintReader is not always a perfect fit for everyone and environmental conditions can and will affect its functioning.

Companies that have employee's constantly performing manual labor will probably have some scarring or other marks to their finger prints that consistently cause a problem with the reader and will need to enroll a finger that has the cleanest print.

Also ensuring that when they enroll they get as much of their finger on the reader surface that they can. Some just scan the tip of their fingers or a real small part of their finger which gives the reader less to work with when trying to verify a print.

If all of their fingers seem to have a problem, then they would probably be better off using a swipe card or their PIN number.

It's also a good idea especially with places of employment where employee's hands are always dirty to have hand sanitizer near and have them clean their hands before using the reader as dirt can also result in it not reading their print.

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