How do I request a credit for fees that I believe should not have been charged?

To submit a credit request, the charge in question must be present on your invoice. To find this go to Accountant Menu > Most Recent Invoice > click on the invoice number with the charge that needs to be credited.

Next to the line item there should be a blue circle with a question mark (?) in it. Click on this and it will bring up the credit request form.

Once we receive your request we will review and process it for you.

Previous correspondence with us here either over the phone, e-mail, or through a support ticket on this issue could impact and speed up the process of your request. So remember to add these things in the "Reason for request:" field of the Credit Request form.

NOTE: Be advised the process for the RMA of equipment is different than the above instructions and should be handled via a Support Ticket using Support Center.

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