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Supervisor View of Archived Data Reports

Last Updated: Feb 01, 2017 11:59AM MST
This article applies to client's that are in the process of migrating from TimeWorks to TimeWorksPlus. By default, Supervisor level users do not have access to the Archived Data Reports link in the Reports Menu. This means they will not be able to view time cards and selected reports for any time data collected before the migration to TimeWorks Plus. 

However, you can give the supervisor access to it through a named permission in Login Maintenance.
  1. From TimeWorks Plus, select the client and click the Maintenance Menu-->Login Maintenance
  2. Click the login of the supervisor to open up their configuration page
  3. Find the Supervisor Account Permissions section and enter "ArchivedData" (no quotes) in the Enter Named Permissions field.
  4. Click Update Permissions
The supervisor will now have access to the Archived Data Reports.

IMPORTANT: Once a client reaches their migration date, a supervisor's employee visibility setting will be set to however it is in TimeWorksPlus and they may no longer have access to the Archived Data Reports.
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