Changing The Overtime / Work Week - TWP

If you do this for a long standing client, this will impact the clients payroll as you are adjusting pay periods in TWP along with overtime calculations in either TW or TWP.

The Overtime Week outlines the day to start AND end overtime calculation on the week. Traditionally it is from Sun-Sat.

If you require changing the overtime week calculation do the following:

Go to the Settings Menu > Processing Rules > PayPeriods Settings. Select PayPeriods from the Search Results.

From there you will select the Add new definition. After choosing the type (Weekly, Biweekly, Semimonthly, Monthly, Custom) you can choose a starting date. The date you want to choose is a date that starts on the day you want your overtime week to start. For example if I want to start the week for overtime calculations on Thursday, choose a date that is a Thursday like December 4, 2014. After this you can save your settings.

Once this is done you may need to refresh the the clients site to see your changes by going to your client list and re-selecting the client.

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