Pinpoint GPS

Pinpoint GPS is a new feature of TimeWorks Mobile that allows the client to track where employees clocked in and out. To enable this for a client:
  1. Go to the Accountant Menu
  2. Click on Client Configuration
  3. Go to the Mobile tab
  4. Click the check box to "Enable Pinpoint GPS location collection for mobile punches"
  5. To view the Pinpoint GPS information on the time card on the website, go to Time Card Options drop down list and select "Show Mobile App Details".
This will then create a field in Employee Setup labeled: "Add GPS to Mobile Punch (If Available)" where each employee can be either setup to collect GPS information or not.

TimeWorks Mobile Pinpoint GPS captures the location of where an employee is when they clock IN/OUT. 

Before using the Pinpoint GPS

Before using the Pinpoint GPS feature you will need to accept the permissions to allow Pinpoint GPS to activate the location services on your mobile device.
  1. In the “Employee Setup” field “Add GPS to Mobile Punch (If Available)” will need to be set to “Yes” this will enable you to view Pinpoint GPS data on mobile punches.
Note: As with any cellular service there may be instances when a mobile user may be without a cellular data signal and in this instance data would not be available. Also, if the user turns off the “location services” setting on their iPhone, iPad or Android device the Pinpoint GPS wouldn’t be able to collect their punch location data.
  1. From the dashboard page on your mobile device tap on “View/Modify Time Cards.”
  2. Tap on an employee’s name to view the time card.
Pinpoint GPS only applies to punches made with the TimeWorks Mobile app. On the time card the red pin icon (looks like an upside down rain drop) indicates the time punch was made from a mobile device. 
If the icon appears with a slash through it this means that Pinpoint GPS was unable to capture the location data, hence the location data is not available.
  1. Tap on the time punch to view the Pinpoint GPS coordinates.The map displays detailed information regarding the date, accuracy of location, and GPS coordinates. To view more of the map tap on the plus (+) or minus (-) buttons.
  2. To exit the Pinpoint GPS map tap on the (X) button located in the top right corner.

Please note, you may also tap on the “Map” button located in the top right corner to access the Pinpoint GPS map.

GPS Accuracy

Punches made through the mobile app WITH the GPS feature enabled will show (on the time card) under Time Card Options > Show Mobile Punch Details lists an "Accuracy" column with values of either HIGH, MEDIUM or LOW. This breaks down to the following values:

1. HIGH - Accurate within a 200 ft radius
2. MEDIUM - Accurate within a 1000 ft radius
3. LOW - Accurate within 5280 a ft (1 mile) radius

Please note, any information on accuracy we get is from the device reporting it when they make a punch and is not determined by the TimeWorks Mobile App.

Contributing factors in regards to accuracy could include the users device capabilities, settings and the condition of their service at the time the punch is made.

Please note, This would include times where we will not report the address of the location but instead the actual GPS coordinates.

Viewing GPS Data on Time Cards and Reports

There are two ways one can see GPS information for a punch on a time card:
  1. Through a red pin* that appears on the time card indicating that a GPS punch has been recorded. You can then hover the mouse cursor over the time to see the GPS information. 
  2. Through a pop-up Google map on the time card. (Update Sep. 12, 2018) You can now simply click the pin on the time card to view the map. You can also still choose Show Mobile Punch Details from the Time Card Options drop down at the top left of an individual employee's time card. This map is only available on the Employee Time Card View, not the Single Day Time Card View. 
Please note, if you see a red pin with a slash through it, that means the employee has GPS enabled for their punch data, but due to the employee having location services turned off or being in an area where a location could not be collected, there is no geo-data for the punch.

Show Location Data in Report

There currently are no reports designed for showing punch location data.

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