Enabling Custom Reports

Custom Reports is a feature in TimeWorksPlus that you can toggle on and off for your client. You can either enable them to view the reports and you as the reseller create custom reports for them to access, or even give them access to create their own reports.

To do this, do the following:
  1. Go to the Accountant Menu
  2. Click on Client Configuration
  3. Go to the Account Configuration tab
  4. Go to the Custom report options section and enable
    1. Client can access Custom Reports if you want to enable the feature for the client.
    2. Client can manage Custom Reports if you want the client to be able to create their own reports (recommended). If you do not enable this option, you will need to create the report for the client.
This will then create two links in the Reports Menu called Custom Reports and Manage Custom Reports

The “Manage Custom Reports” feature gives those with client level logins the ability to write their own custom reports. As the creator of the report you will have the ability to modify or delete the reports you created. Permissions can be given to allow supervisor level logins the ability to view specific reports, based on their permissions.

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