Auto Lunch Rule - TWP

Auto Lunch automatically deducts a break from an employee's time card any time they are clocked in for more than a certain number of hours consecutively. This rule adds Auto Lunch Hours and Auto Lunch Minutes to each employee in Employee Setup. Auto breaks can be overridden in the punch editor.

This is a feature that can be found in TimeWorksPlus by going to Settings Menu > Processing Rules and selecting the Break/Lunch category. The rule does the following:

Once the rule is enabled by clicking the "Save" button it will generate in Employee Setup fields labeled:
  • AutoLunch Threshold (hrs) - Total hours needed to work before the AutoLunch feature will trigger.
  • AutoLunch Deduct (mins) - Total time in minutes deducted for the Lunch.

Note: If you are using this just for select employees, for those employees that will not get the auto-lunch just leave the fields blank in Employee Setup and they will be ignored.

IMPORTANT: This rule will not work with OutPunchCompletion, however, there are methods for scripting Auto Lunch in that case.

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