Time Off Requests

Time Off Requests are a default feature in TimeWorksPlus. They are not available in TimeWorks. They allow an employee to submit a Time Off Request through the Employee Self Service Portal (ESS). That request will appear to managers in the left navigational window of the timeekeeping system under Time Off Requests. It will be visible to all client level users and supervisors will be able to see a filtered list of requests based on their Employee Visibility Settings

It is also possible to have an email notifying a supervisor that a request has been submitted. Instructions on setting that up can be found under Emailed Time Off Requests.

While this is a default feature of TimeWorksPlus, it does need to be turned on for the employee to have access to it. To do this, go to the Processing Rules page, select the Processing category and choose ESSRule from the list of results. That will allow you to enable or disable this feature for the employees.

If your client prefers not to use this feature, just do not enable it in the ESS and although managers will still see the link in their view of the system, employees will not see the option in the ESS.

Conditionally Approved Requests

Conditionally Approved Time Off Requests are Pending time off requests that were changed by a supervisor.

For instance, if an employee asks for 8 hours off, a supervisor could alter the hours to "4" and then pass the request back to the employee for approval. That is considered a Conditionally Approved request.

Changes that can be made include:
  • changing the amount of hours requested
  • changing the category (i.e. "Vacation" to "Sick")
Employees can still reject the changes made on these records prior to the date requested OFF.

Conditionally approved time off requests are applied to the employee’s time card only if the employee accepts the changes in the Employee Self Service portal. If they do not, it will stay in a Conditionally Approved status and not appear on the time card.


Expired Requests

When an employee logs into the Employee Self Service Portal (ESS) and views their Pending Time Off Requests sometimes one will see some marked as Expired. This can happen if the request was made and not approved:
  • For dates that are two pay periods in the past
  • For a date in a period that has already been finalized
Those requests cannot be accessed in ESS except to remove the request (using the "X" icon). Also a pending request in this status will not be shown to the manager in the system under Time Off Requests.

If it is due to a finalized pay period they will need to un finalize periods to make this selectable in Time Off Request.

If there is a valid request (employee did take the time off) for a date older than two pay periods it will have to be added to the time card manually. Unfortunately this will also mean it will NOT show under Time Off Requests in the system as it was manually added and only on the time card and in reports itself.

Time Off Request Calendar

It is possible to enable a calendar for both managers / supervisors as well as employees. This cannot be enabled by the client, only accountant level users have access to turn on this feature.
  1. Go to the Settings Menu > Client Configuration and select the Account Configuration tab.
  2. Under the Time off visibility options section are two options:
    • Department time off visibility to employees - This will create a calendar that is visible to the employee. It will only show fellow employees within a common Employee Setup department that have already requested time off.
    • Time off request calendar and conflict visibility for managers - Managers will see a calendar on the Time Off Request page showing which of their assigned employees have approved time off requests. It will also create a notification on a request, in the form of an exclamation mark, if one or more employees in the same department already a selected day off.
  3. Once the settings are changed, they will be automatically saved.

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