Yesterday Processing Rule

The Yesterday Rule in TimeWorksPlus manipulates the posting date for punches, generally sending them to the previous day under certain conditions.

By default, the system will report hours on the day of the in punch, so if an employee:
  • clocks in at 11pm on Saturday night
  • clocks out for a thirty minute lunch at 2am on Sunday morning
  • clocks out at the end of their shift at 7am on Sunday morning
the 4.5 hours that they work after lunch will show up on Sunday's time card, not Saturday.

If your client would prefer to report these hours on Saturday, you can use the Yesterday Rule to move the punches to Sunday.

Rule Setup

To access this you will need to go to Account Menu > Processing Rules and enter in "Yesterday" in the "Search for a rule" search box. You will then be offered the "Yesterday" rule link.

On this page, enter a time after midnight to be the CUTOFF for moving punch sets to the previous day. This means that if an in time falls between midnight and this CUTOFF time, the entirety of the punch will be moved to the prior day. 

Pick the Right Times

IMPORTANT: Be careful when choosing these times because the rule does not account for how much time was worked before the cutoffstart. Consider the following example.

CUTOFFEND = 5:00am means that if employees have a shift that starts at 5:00am, and they happen to clock in a few minutes early, the hours will be moved to the prior day.

Yesterday Scripting

The Yesterday rule can be used for simple consistent changes based on the cutoff windows. However, if there are more factors that play a role in the application of the Yesterday Rule, please see Yesterday Rule Scripting.

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