Retain Leading Zeros of SSN on Employee Export

Because of the way Excel views data from our export, oftentimes, fields like an employee's ID or SSN will export without leading 0s.

There is a work around through Excel:
  1. Save the .csv file you exported from the "Employee Export" under the "Report Menu" to your desktop. 
  2. Right click on it then select "Open with" then select "Notepad". 
  3. Go to File drop down in the top right and choose "Save As".
  4. Save the file as another name like maybe add a number to the end of the file name for example "EmployeeExport1".
  5. Open up a new Excel file.
  6. Go to File menu then select "Open" and in the new window in the "Look in:" field make sure it's on Desktop. Then on the bottom in the field marked "Files of type:" click the drop down till it says "Text Files" then double click on the text file you created.
  7. You will then get another pop-up box called "Text Import Wizard - Step 1 of 3". On this screen click the "Next>" button to go to step 2. 
  8. At Step 2 put a check in the "Tab", "Semicolon", and "Comma" boxes then click the "Next>" button again to get to step 3. 
  9. At step 3 you will get another box with a window on the bottom marked "Data preview" and in the box columns with the headings saying "General". Just click on the columns you want changed (aka. SSN) so they highlight in black.
  10. Next change the bubble on the top right under the heading "Column data format" from "General" to Text.
  11. Next Click the "Finish" button and it should bring up a document with the zero's intact.

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