System Security

We occasionally block access to our website and network with an automated system if it detects that a virus or hacker attack is being attempted on our servers. We have an Intrusion Prevention System from that does this for us. While rare, this occasionally can result in clients being blocked from accessing our services. The typical symptom is that a computer can access most other sites on the Internet except ours. Our support department can determine if a specific IP address has been blocked upon request.

Computers without a firewall installed and active, or without spyware or anti-virus protection that is up to date can acquire spyware, viruses/infections or have their computers hacked into without the owners' knowledge. Unscrupulous hackers use invisible programs on compromised machines to do the dirty work of scanning and finding other vulnerable machines to hack into. Our Intrusion Prevention System detects this activity and responds by blocking the offending IP's.

Our IP blocks are comparatively rare. Usually we auto-block only two or three IP's per day, and these are nearly always against faraway computers that don't belong to payroll clients. For the protection of our system and or clients data any client's IP address will be blocked by our security system if active automated hacking attempts are detected against our servers.

If a block occurs against a payroll client, this is virtually never due to a malicious action on the part of the client. Usually it means their computers have been compromised and are performing an attack on behalf of some other hacker, possibly located in another country.

Our system typically unblocks an IP a few hours after detecting an attack, and it will get automatically re-blocked if an attack is detected again.

For further information on this subject please contact Support.

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