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Reseller & Billing Account

Important: Keeping your email and billing addresses current is critical. Important communications, notifications, and financial statements are exchanged via these resources.

You can keep your account up-to-date through the Edit Account Info link found in your Accountant Menu. Though SwipeClock will do its best to communicate effectively, the ability to do this is eliminated if these lines of communication are not open and current.

Here are a few additional points of consideration regarding managing your account:
  • SwipeClock's main line of communication is the email address provided for your account 
  • System updates and problems will be announced to Reseller's via a Email Alert Subscription 
  • New client account status, shipping info and general operations will primarily occur via your provided account email address 
  • Monthly billing statements will be sent to the provided billing address, for which the Reseller is solely responsible to keep current 
  • Address and company name changes must be updated as soon as possible 
  • Moral of the story: "Keep your account current; you'll be glad you did."

Viewing Invoice

You can view your invoices by going to the Accountant Menu and selecting Most Recent Invoice under the Accountant Administrative Tools section.

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