Custom Logos and Site Branding

SwipeClock offers branding services to our partners through our Partner Marketing site. You can use this service to put your logo on the client and employee self-service login screens. This would also be where you go to update your logo for those pages.

Custom URL Redirect Line for Site Branding

The redirect line for site branding is:

The xxxxxxxxxx must be changed to the accountant billing id.

Change Colors for Branded Site

You can change some of the colors on the site. Mainly the fonts and some of the headings can be changed.

To do so, go to the Accountant Menu > Site Branding and Colors. What you will see is a page with fields and text in it like "#000080". That is the HTML code (which is the code most used to create websites) for a color. 

All these fields can be edited to a different color if you know the HTML code for the color you want. To find a list of colors in HTML just Google "html colors" and it should give you reference sites on what codes translate to what colors.

Before you change anything there is also the "Preview" button which will allow you to see the changes before you put them into effect on your site.

Also if you make a mistake you can always click on the "Default Colors" button and it will restore it to what the sites original colors where before any changes were made.

With this many options it can become pretty daunting to have to go through and review everything. With that we have provided a couple of quick tips on this feature to maybe simplify the process for you: 

Most will probably only need to change the below sections to get the most out of this feature:
  • "2,3,4: Page Headers (Title Bars)” (specifically the fields marked “Background Color” in this section and “Gradient target”) 
  • “0,1,16: Default text and right-hand-screen background” (specifically the “Hyperlink text color”)
  • The “Preview without saving” and the “Quit without saving” button's allow you to see the color changes without applying them which gives you the chance to preview your sight color design before actually making any changes.
  • If you don't like the colors you can easily select the “Quit without saving” to exit the feature without making any changes.
  • With the color changes very specific web addresses need to be used to be able to view the colors on your site or the WebClock. The addresses are usually posted on the screen found on the main Accountant Menu > Site Branding and Colors page right before the “View/Edit” page. 
Custom Branding is currently available for the Employee Self Service Login page. To Get your Custom ESS URL:Log into the SwipeClock online system 
Click “Accountant Menu”
Scroll to the bottom of the “Accountant Menu” and click Site Branding and Colors (a link listed under the ACCOUNTANT ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS)
Click the "Webclock" link (one of the options listed in the “EXTENDED BRANDING” section
The custom webclock will open into a new tab with the URL in the address box (ex: https://”yourcompanyname”
In the URL, replace "webclock" with "pg/ess"
This is your custom ESS link
Custom ESS URL example: https://”yourcompanyname”

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