FAQ: Dollar Amounts Entered with Regular Hours Do Not Show Up on Export

I have a few employees that were missing some time clock data when they were exported to an Evolution format. 

One of the employee's clock activity records looked a little something like this:

Tue 8/1 - - - - $380.00 600 Edit Add Notes 
Wed 8/2 7:00a 6:00p 11 - $0.00/hr 600 Edit Add Notes 
Thu 8/3 10:51a 10:00p 11.15 - $0.00/hr 600 Edit Add Notes 

In the Evolution export file, the exact same entry I typed above, looks like this:

2454 E 1 0.00 22.15

So, the flat $380.00 goes completely missing. Why?

This can be fixed by assigning the flat rate to something other than Regular hours worked.

Many service bureau packages accept regular and overtime hours only in the form of a total number of hours and a pay rate, which then is multiplied to determine gross pay. Because they do the multiplying themselves, they don't give us a field in which to pass the $380.00.

These fields are different from those used for reporting flat dollar entries such as tips, commissions, bonuses, or sales. In cases like that, the software does expect a flat dollar amount. In particular, the Evolution file format specifically requires that we either populate the Hours field or the Amount field with a non-zero value - never both. In this case, the presence of 22.15 hours is getting evaluated first.

Try using a category other than regular wages, that is strictly used for non-hour dollar amounts, and I'm sure you'll be fine.

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