Assigning Location for Unprocessed / Unmatched Punches

To see from what clock unprocessed punches came from, and to set up a clock for a specific location follow these simple steps:
  1. A Location Stamp needs to be added to each clock. To do this, go to your Administration Menu/Settings Menu AFTER selecting the Client. From there, click on Clock Status (Verify Transmit in TimeWorks). You will see each clock assigned to the client, and will be able to click on their respective serial numbers. Clicking on a Serial Number, you will see a link 'Change' for Location Stamp. Clicking that 'Change' link will bring you to a screen where you can add the location stamp. Add it and don't forget to click Save Changes. After it's added, you need to press '9' on the clock so the clock will download the new location stamp to its memory.
  2. Once the Location Stamp is added, you'll need to set up the clock prompt to pull the location stamp onto the punch. To do this, select the client (if you haven't already) and click on the Accountant Menu. From there, click on the Clock Prompts link. You'll then set up either the X,Y or Z Labor Code prompts. Clicking on the X (assuming it's not already taken) will take you to the individual prompt setup screen. The important thing here is to set up the 'Data Collection Mode' to collect Location Stamp. Be advised setting this to 'Location Stamp' will not actually prompt the employee to enter anything just record the punch location. Also, you'll want to name the field something like 'Location' so it will show up on the time card appropriately labeled. Click Save after reviewing the other options, and there you have it!

Note: The location stamp is pulled off of the in punch then on the out punch it pulls the information off of the in punch and matches it up to have it display where the out punch was made. This becomes an issue if there is an unprocessed out punch as it cannot match up with the in punch to display the location. In this case the location stamp will not show on unprocessed out punches.

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