ESS Custom Branding

Custom Branding is currently available for the Employee Self Service Login page. To Get your Custom ESS URL:
  1. Log into the SwipeClock online system 
  2. Click “Accountant Menu”
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the “Accountant Menu” and click Site Branding and Colors (a link listed under the ACCOUNTANT ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS)
  4. Click the "Webclock" link (one of the options listed in the “EXTENDED BRANDING” section
  5. The custom webclock will open into a new tab with the URL in the address box (ex: https://”yourcompanyname”
  6. In the URL, replace "webclock" with "pg/ess"
  7. This is your custom ESS link

Custom ESS URL example: https://”yourcompanyname”

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