Mangrove Format Processing Rule

This rule "Mangrove" configures options relevant to export to the Mangrove payroll processing software.

To implement this you can go to Accountant Menu > Processing Rules > and in the "Search for a rule" type Mangrove and click the Search button and it should list the rule.

Fields for configuration are listed below:

- By default, the Employee Code is provided in the export as a key field. Mangrove offers the SSN as a key field. Using SSN as a key field is not advised, but nevertheless can be enabled by entering the letters 'SSN' here.

- By default, records will be sent to Mangrove with a Deduct Indicator of 0 which means "earnings". If you enter a comma-separated list of categories here, records for those categories will be sent with the Deduct Indicator flag set to 1. If you enter just the letter X here, the Deduct Indicator flag will not be sent at all.

- TimeWorks Plus will automatically decide whether to send pay rate information based on whether the PayRates rule is added to the account. But you can enter X to force pay rates NEVER to be sent, even if the PayRates rule is active.

- Labor Segment 1. Enter the name of the TimeWorks Plus field we should export here (which can come from Employee Setup or from the time card line).

Labor Segment 2
Labor Segment 3
Labor Segment 4
Labor Segment 5

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