Defining Holidays - TWP

The Holiday Configuration rule should be used
in place of the USHolidays Rule.
This article refers to active but deprecated rules in TimeWorksPlus. Due to the limitations of the rules described in this article, SwipeClock suggest using the Holiday Configuration Rule instead. However, the instructions provided in this article are still valid and accounts using the "USHolidays" and similar rules should still function normally.

Implementing a holiday policy requires two pieces. First is a designation of the client's holidays and second is creating a rule or script that applies the policy on those designated days.

When an account is initially setup, you have the option to designate the client's holidays through a rule. This article will explain how to implement those rule using either the 
  • USHolidays
  • CanadaHolidays
  • MexicoHolidays
  • UserDefinedHolidays
All four of these rules are found in the Processing Rules page under the Holidays category.

Setting the holidays does not actually activate any policy rules, it simply tells the system which days on the time card are designated holidays. If you have already setup holidays and want information on how to setup a holiday policy, please see Holiday Rule and Scripting Holidays.

Once the holidays are defined, you can use the HolidayRule or scripting to implement your client's holiday policy on the time card.

National Holidays (US, Canada, Mexico)

The US, Canada and Mexico Holiday rules each have a check box list of national holidays that you can use to select which commonly observed holidays should be recognized on the time card. 

This list gives you the option to choose the actual day or the closest weekday. Note, if you happen to select the actual day and the closest weekday for the same holiday, it will result in two of the same holiday appearing on the time card when those are two different days.

If you need so set a holiday that doesn't appear on the list, please see the next section which explains how to set User Defined Holidays.

User Defined Holidays

The rule can found in the general area Accountant Menu > Processing Rules, if you use the Holiday radio button to do a search for it, select UserDefinedHolidays.

TimeWorksPlus, through the UserDefinedHoliday rule, can define the holidays that are not listed on the US, Canada or Mexico Holiday Rules. The allow you to create a holiday, give it a name and designate it through either a 
  • Exact Date - always this day every year
  • Certain day of the week in a specific month - for example, the second Tuesday in January
This rule also allows you, when using the Exact Date option, to specify the date per year. So, if the client only observes Christmas Eve on certain years (based on where it falls during the week), you can go through and define, only for certain years, when Christmas Eve is a recognized holiday.

Also, when creating an Exact Date holiday, you can configure the rule to use the closest weekday or Monday in case the day falls on a weekend.

The first time you use this rule, it will have an entry for one holiday, which you can define and save. If you need more, click the Add More button.

Each time you open this rule afterwards to configure the holiday, it will list your already defined holidays with an additional empty holiday at the bottom of the list where you can add a new holiday. 

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