Scheduling Features Overview - TWP

SwipeClock offers three options for scheduling. This article provides a brief explanation of each with links to more detailed articles on each system.

Employee Setup Scheduling (RoundToSchedule)

A simple scheduling feature designed to facilitate rounding punches. It is simply a text field in Employee Setup where one or multiple schedules can be entered for the sole purpose of rounding times. These schedules are not day specific and they only allow for only an in and and out time. Multiple schedules can be entered, but they need to be separated by commas. Employees have no way of viewing this schedule.

To Enable Employee Setup Scheduling: This is found in the Processing Rules page under the Rounding category and is turned on by clicking RoundToSchedule. More information on setting it up is found in RoundToSchedule and RoundToScheduleN Rules.

TimeWorksPlus Basic Scheduling

A basic scheduling tool built into both TimeWorks and TimeWorksPlus. It allows for day specific, recurring and date limited scheduling as well as the ability to build templates. Use of this scheduling feature allows for
  • rounding to the schedule
  • tardiness/absence alerts
  • visibility of the schedule on the time card
  • visibility of the schedule to the employee in ESS and mobile app
To Enable TimeWorksPlus Basic Scheduling: It is turned on in the Processing Rules page under the Scheduling category. From the list of results, choose Scheduling. If you would like to round and/or use the alerts feature, you can also choose RoundToScheduleN (note the "N") as well as ScheduleAlertsRule. For more on alerts, see Schedule Alerts.


TimeSimplicity is a more robust scheduling tool that integrates with TimeWorksPlus. Use of TimeSimplicity requires additional configuration in both systems and there are additional charges. Please contact your Channel Development Manager for more information.

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