Download Activity File - TWP

Exporting your timekeeping data for payroll uses the Download Activity File Report. To access and export your timecards:
  1. Click on the "Reports" Menu link then on the "Download Activity Files" link
  2. Select your pay period or enter in a custom range of dates using the "Enter range" boxes provided.
  3. By default "Employees to include" is set to "All employees" but this can be changed to specific employees, a group of employees and (using the Group feature) or any other criteria (based on Employee Setup).
  4. Select "What to do with file". Either "Download or "Show in browser"
  5. In the "File format code" you can enter in the format name (sum2, Sum3, paychoice etc.)

Please note that if your format supports labor mapping you will want to configure this in advance under Accountant Menu > "File Format Maintenance".
  1. Then click "Submit" to run the report.
This report is only visible to Client level logins and above. Supervisors do not have access to this report.

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