Pay Periods - TWP

In TimeWorksPlus periods can be defined as actual start and end dates so the periods can be of varying lengths.

This can be done by going to Accountant Menu > Processing Rules > Pay period settings (radio button) > PayPeriods.

This brings up a page that allows you to enter in your dated periods using the Add new definition link and selecting a:
  1. Type of period (Weekly, Biweekly, Semimonthly Monthly, or Custom)
  2. A Start Date ("Start when ?")
  3. The start of the next period based on the day of the month (1-31) using the "Day of month when other pay period starts:" text box.

Custom Pay Periods

If you chose Custom you can also use the Add more pay periods link to generate text boxes to enter in multiple dates at once. But if you are using the "Custom period you will be also required to enter in a an end date for your Custom period in the "Last day of last custom pay period is" text box. After this date it will default to the next highest priority period till the lowest (Default).

You can then select the Workweek drop down to select your work week (Sunday-Saturday, Monday-Sunday etc.).

You can then continue to add new date ranges as needed.

As you enter in periods it will generate a line showing the schedule you have as far as pay periods and allow you to delete select periods using the "Delete" link next to it.

Pay Period Priority
It does set things to a "Highest" to "Next" priority BUT this can be ignored UNLESS you have a period you want to use that overrides the default which cannot be removed or changed in TimeWorks Plus. If the default is overridden then it will serve as the "Lowest Priority Default" which is listed at the bottom of this page, allowing all your other definitions to have priority.

Pay Periods Using the Last Day of the Month

Some client's run semi-monthly periods using the last day of the month as the end date. The most common would be client's that pay out on the 15th and last day of every month.

Because this date can fluctuate between the 28th through 31st given the month and type of year (leap year), the system does not allow pay periods to be configured the 29th through the 31st as either a start or end date of a pay period. 

In order to get around this, you would have to setup Custom Pay Periods for the client.


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