Adding Employee Setup Information to Clock Prompt

Labor Code clock prompts in TimeWorksPlus do have the option to use an employees Home Department, Location or Supervisor if the clock prompt is left blank for an entry. However, you can, through scripting, populate a clock prompt with almost any field from Employee Setup.

This simple script would be placed in the Script Processing Rule and simply checks if the clock prompt is empty (or null) and if so, it adds in a field from Employee Setup.

For the purpose of this script, the field name of the prompt is Division and the employee's Home DIvision is recorded in the Home1 field of Employee Setup.

if(Division = ""){
     Division = employee.home1;}

The empty quotation marks serve the purpose of checking if the Division prompt is empty. In the case that it is, it sets the value of Division to whatever is in the Home1 field.

IMPORTANT: In TimeWorksPlus, many Employee Setup fields are date sensitive, so if it seems like your script isn't working, it may be because the effective date of the Employee Setup field is later than the date on which the script is running.

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